Mulberry Activity

Mulberry is a non-traditional activity for Chhattisgarh. Mulberry was introduced in 1980 in the State, looking to the agro climatic and socio-economic conditions of the areas. It gave good response and produced 1.00 lakh KG of mulberry cocoons in the year 1993. During the year 1996 due to change in the policy, there appeared a steep downfall in the production of mulberry cocoons. To analyze and suggest remedial measures a workshop was organized in Jagdalpur and new mulberry policy has been formulated. To enhance the mulberry plantation in Govt. farm as well as in private sector. Presently under Mulberry Sericulture , the sericulture sector of DORI has an area of 1624 acres under mulberry plantation, out of which total effective area available is 696 acres. 74 departmental farms, 03 mulberry grainage, 05 reeling units, 05 twisting units have been established.

The department provides free of cost technical guidance to the cultivators. Based on quality , cost of white mulberry cocoons (Bivoltine) ranges from Rs. 168 /- Per Kg and for yellow cocoons (multi voltine), the cost varies from Rs.  144/- per Kg. Under demonstration plot scheme, beneficiaries are provided material assistance of Rs. 15000/- for undertaking plantation on private land. The expenditure under this head is incurred in sc Component pockets of Raigarh/Korba/Ambikapur and Janjgir districts.

The present status of mulberry infrastructure is given below:



Mulberry centre



Mulberry Seed Cente



Mulberry grainage



Reeling Unit



Twisting Unit



Mulberry Reeling:

State Sericulture Department is trying to produce good quality silk yarn by using improved technology. Presently reeling machines are established in following places:- Sakalo (Ambikapur), Dharamjaigarh (Raigarh), Bhiragaon (Kanker), Dharampura (Jagdalpur) and Urdana (Raigarh) Besides, this 5 twisting units are also established in the State. Since, the production of mulberry cocoons is very low, reeling of mulberry cocoons is not being done in all the units.



Since, there are no mulberry private reelers in the state as yet, the marketing support is provided by the cocoon banks. Cocoon banks purchase mulberry cocoons from farmers at quality based price. Yarn bank takes care of purchase of mulberry raw silk from reeling groups.