Strategy evolved to achieve the objectives:

  • To enhance activities related to nature grown tasar cocoon production & reared variety.
  • To create public oriented and commercial profile for various schemes of sericulture.
  • To increase silk production as per demand of weavers and arrange availability of silk at reasonable rates.
  • To improve the quality of cocoons and silk yarn as per market requirement, up gradation of skills and all round effort for technology transfer.
  • To promote mulberry plantation in private sector as source of additional income.
  • Organization of seed multiplication camps for nature grown cocoons like railly/Lariya and Baraf Kosa.
  • Implementation of tasar daba seed Multiplication program (ITD) in new forest areas having saja/Arjuna/Senha /Dhavada natural plantation.
  • To fortify women participation in Sericulture activities more vigorously.
  • Development of new techniques for enhancement of sericulture activities.
  • Provision for assistance money to beneficiaries engaged in reared variety cocoon production.
  • Efforts to improve the quality of tasar/mulberry silk under CSS.