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          Sericulture is an employment oriented agro and forest based industry. In the state of Chhattisgarh, tasar rearing and cloth manufacturing is being practiced as cottage industry on traditional basis. Sericulture provides gainful employment to the socially and economically weaker section of the society, living below the poverty line, especially the women folk of rural areas. The main objective of various schemes implemented by Directorate of Rural Industries (DORI) is to provide employment in rural areas and to increase silk production as per demand, development of required infrastructure, and implementation of new techniques at field level for increase in productivity.

            At national level, the demand for tasar raw silk is 5000 MT, where as only 2200 MT is being produced. The demand for wild silk at national and international level for dress material and sarees is constant in relation to the quality and utility of Indian silk. At national level, Chhattisgarh state occupies second position in cocoon production (Jharkhand state being first). Keeping in view the continuous increase in cocoon production in Chhattisgarh state, it is likely to occupy the Ist position in the forthcoming years. The difference of almost 1800 MT in demand and supply of raw silk in the country, can be covered up with implementation of new schemes by utilization of natural resources. In order to increase raw silk production in enhancement of cocoon production in large scale have been planned in the state. Almost 45% area of the state is dominated by forestland. The sericulture sector of DORI has established 199 SHGs reeling & spinning group working and 2567 no. of motorized reeling cum twisting and spinning machines have been provided to these SHGs. In the state, under Handloom sector, 7520 pitlooms, 175 frame looms and 23 Jakard looms thus in total 7778 looms have been established. In the state, daily production of tasar silk furnishing material is 2500 meter per day and dress material 8000 meter per day, sareess 550 numbers are being produced. The cost of furnishing / dress material ranges from Rs. 250 to 450/. where as cost of sarees ranges from Rs. 1300 to 1500/- Out of total tasar cocoon production of the state, 3% at local level, 32% at national level and  65% at international level is being sold and exported.